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About Ocelot Consulting

Ocelot Consulting specializes in cloud technologies, custom application development and enterprise security. Ocelot Consultants are certified AWS Solution Architects and have experience migrating enterprise applications and data for Fortune 500 companies.

Cloud Services

Ocelot engineers are AWS certified Solution Architects. We have experience migrating applications, data and workflows to the Cloud for Fortune 500 companies. Do you need to replace your expensive data center with cloud resources? We can help, from beginning to end. Does your IT team need training and assistance to enable your cloud transformation? We can accelerate your team's abilities.

Custom Application Development

Ocelot Consulting specializes in developing modern applications, using best in class technologies. We utilize small teams and Agile principles to iteratively deliver quality software and solutions. We create:
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Enterprise workflows
  • Big data pipelines

Our Team

Tyler Robert


Larry Anderson


John O'Malley


Chris Coffman


Patrick Byrne


Derek Tandy


We've come together to bring about a cultural shift in the traditional development organization. Changing our company meant changing our company, which is how Ocelot Consulting was born.

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