Entry-Level Technology Consultant

St. Louis, MO / Remote


About the role

Ocelot teams are empowered to own all facets of development including frontend, backend, infrastructure, and data pipelines. We are looking for entry-level candidates who are enthusiastic and capable of learning and contributing wherever needed.

Our senior consultants are excited to provide coaching, mentoring, and development opportunities to help accelerate your career and provide experience in many of the following areas:

General Skills

  • Working in an agile, team-oriented environment
  • Common CI/CD and version control technologies (Jenkins, Git, etc.)
  • Understanding of DevOps responsibilities including OS and Container Management
  • Practical understanding of architecture security best practices
  • Basic Linux OS setup and configuration


  • Maintaining infrastructure on a major cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Using common infrastructure-as-code toolsets (Terraform, CloudFormation, Cloud Deployment Manager)
  • Common infrastructure automation languages (Python, Golang, PowerShell, etc.)
  • Creating, configuring, and running containers (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)


  • Developing cloud-native applications and deploying to a cloud environment
  • General-purpose programming languages (JavaScript, Java, .NET, Scala, etc.)
  • Developing distributed microservice architectures providing elasticity, redundancy, failover, and intelligent routing
  • SPA Framework experience such as React, Angular, etc.


  • Applying principles, best practices, and trade-offs of schema design to various types of database systems: relational (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, etc.), NoSQL (HBase, DynamoDB, MongoDB, etc.) and in-memory (ElastiCache) with understanding and proficiency in data manipulation techniques
  • Hands-on experience implementing, debugging, identifying performance bottlenecks, and fine-tuning batch and real-time Big Data integration frameworks in private or public cloud using various technologies (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, AWS EMR, etc.)

Our company

About us

Ocelot Consulting was born out of the idea that autonomy and mastery are worthy goals of good developers. We had an idea that the classical development organization could be made more efficient and pleasurable to work in if run in ways that developers valued. Ocelot works to innovate and inspire developers to try new things, applying them to client needs to solve today’s biggest problems.

We aim to give our Ocelot family challenging and rewarding work, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to make their role into everything they want it to become. The establishment of a collaborative community of experts is the goal we aim to integrate all new team members into.


Benefits include medical, dental, retirement, and PTO.

See if your career lies with Ocelot

Ocelot Consulting was acquired by Accenture on November 27, 2023.

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